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Dragon Eye Online (DEO) is an upcoming MMORPG with a completely player-driven economy, class-free progression and factions that play a vital role throughout. It is time to leave behind automated auction house economies, cookie-cutter classes, and cosmetic factions. Join us and experience the next generation of the MMORPG genre.

The Alpha of DEO will be on Steam for PC/Mac and as we progress through development we will begin porting it to mobile and consoles. Crowdfunding will be available to expedite the porting process.

Upon its full release, DEO will be free to play with an optional $7.99 per month “Premium” subscription which will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Immediate access to content updates. Free players will have to wait up to 12 months for new content. Any changes to the balance of the game will always be immediate for both free and Premium players.

  • Fast travel. Once a location has been explored, Premium players will be able to fast travel to that location at any time.

  • Additional inventory space. Free players will have a preset limit on inventory slots and Premium players will have the option of expanding that limit.

  • Player housing. Premium players will be able to access their own personal housing space.

  • Exclusive cosmetic options for equipment. 

  • Compete in official tournaments. Premium players will be able to enter PvP tournaments that reward victors with cash and in-game cosmetic prizes.

Premium benefits will expand over time to offer additional quality of life perks. Nothing about Premium status will ever be Pay-To-Win (P2W).

The realm was prosperous and peaceful. All factions were united under a common goal of improving the life of all the realms inhabitants. Mana, a mysterious resource discovered centuries earlier provided access to magic to those who could wield it. The research and use of magic was prohibited to ensure no faction was ever capable of controlling the others. Any Mana sources that were discovered were harvested and split among each city and stored underground.

Then, one day, the invaders came. Attracted by the vast pools of Mana held by each faction, they pillaged from city to city. Defenses only held for a few days as the invaders grew stronger as they went, consuming Mana in the process. Incapable of resistance, the few who could fled seeking refuge in remote villages that had been ignored. The survivors of the invasion are the only hope at restoring order in a realm plunged into chaos.

Every item in DEO will be harvested or crafted by players through a “profession” skill. Professions (mining, cooking, and etc) are a series of interconnected skills that turn raw materials or ingredients into usable items. While teamwork is not required and one could certainly be self-sufficient with enough dedication, masters of different professions will be encouraged to work together due to the interaction between each profession.

Every action inside a profession requires the use of energy. Energy can be regained by waiting, eating food provided by the cooking profession, or resting at an inn. This ensures every action that is putting something into the economy will always be taking something out of the economy and provides a resource shared between all professions.

DEO is bringing back the social interaction we all loved about past MMORPG trading. No global auction house will ever exist. Instead, players will participate in direct trading. Trading centers in villages will allow players to open up stands to present and sell their goods. Further progression will allow players to hire NPCs to take over from them while they go out and restock.

The remaining set of skills every player possesses are called “attributes”. Attributes (Strength, Intellect, etc.) are increased by either leveling them up or equipping gear that provides a bonus. Every attribute affects a set of stats that assist you in combat. Because DEO has no cookie-cutter classes, players will need to focus on certain stats to achieve their intended role. If you want to be a tank, then you need to increase your Fortitude, Wisdom, and Strength attributes to perform well in that role, as an example.

Leveling your attributes is achieved by using an ability that is dependent on it. Abilities are unlocked many different ways that include:

  • Equipping a specific weapon. Every weapon type has preset abilities that come with it.

  • Main quest progression. Along the way, the main quest line will reward abilities.

  • Faction quest progression. As you gain reputation within a faction, you will unlock abilities.

  • Completing dungeons encounters. Want a cool ultimate ability? Go defeat a boss and take it from them.

  • Completing event feats. Master a particular activity and you may be surprised with an ability reward.

DEO will feature two distinct types of Player vs Player (PvP) content – open world and arena. Open world PvP will be limited to designated areas. These areas will reward those brave enough to venture into them with perks such as faster resource respawns and unique enemies. Arenas will be solo and team-based competitive ladders were exclusive rewards will be at stake.

You wont be killing 65,340,285 boars to reach max level in DEO. Instead, every quest will be a series of unique tasks that combine to form a part of DEO’s story. A single quest could take you a week to complete but by the end you will feel a real sense of accomplishment. Quests will reward you with perks such as experience for any chosen skill, badges, or exclusive items.

Dungeon encounters will feature dynamic bosses that won’t fight you the same way twice. Instead, they will dictate their next move based on your party’s perceived strengths or weakness,. Dungeons wont stop there; intricate team puzzles, survival modes, and Team vs Team races are just a few of the caveats we plan to throw at you. Dungeons will reward you with perks such as abilities, currency, or exclusive items.

There isn’t much more exciting than time-limited activities that offer exclusive rewards. Events will be dynamically generated based on your servers actions and can cause a domino effect of subsequent events if you do not properly complete it – as a server. This will give you a different experience every time you play. Events will reward you with perks such as abilities, badges or exclusive items.