HAYYAAAAAAA it's me...
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HAYYAAAAAAA it's me brethren  


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09/05/2020 11:43 am  

HAI... I just read that word I hope it actually means something... Brethren... Sounds like elfish toast... With salami or something... Maybe for breakfast


ANYWAY, MY BREAKFAST TOASTS, welcome.. Or better... Hi because you're the ones who should welcome me because I just entered. Not you. Anyway, my name is Yoggy, aka Lascairde, aka Raaku. I think I might actually have created an account already... Damn oof. But regardless, my real name is Husky (weird huh? Got it through some weird circumstances.. Some of them included rather high amounts of alcohol.), I'm 19 (soon turning 20) and I have been kinda in love with the idea of dragon eye from the first moment... Although I forgot it again. But now I remembered it and we'll, here I am!

I'm a lively, chaotic and weird person and I guess we'll have alot of fun together. 


I think I have already talked wayy too much so I'll release you into the sweet opportunity to comment this lovely post now.


Sending good vibes


Your Raaku Lascairde aka Husky 

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08/12/2020 8:59 am  

I am extremely late in my sentiment, but welcome to the forums Husky.

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