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New Year's Resolution (2021 Edition)  


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08/12/2020 8:57 am  

Hey everyone it's been a pretty rough year for practically everyone, to bring some more positivity around we can resolve ourselves to improving something in our lives for the upcoming year and make 2021 great. So I am curious what your New Year's resolution(s) are.

My resolution this year is to improve my college GPA for the Spring, and Fall 2021 Semesters.

Reply down below letting me, and the community, know what your's is if you want to. As always, stay Culty and have a good New Year. 😉 

2019 Edition can be found here.

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08/12/2020 9:08 am  

I agree that this year has been tough. Even now, I got hacked on half of my accounts and lost tons of projects I was working on and 200$ worth of orders. Let alone, my paypal's gone. Also heard about a probable break-in at my grandmother's so now I got so many things to think about. But lets hope the new year brings us a little bit of peace.

My resolution for the new year I guess would be to become more productive and get better protection on my stuff. Also, I want to finish my seminars with high grades. Gotta keep that smile going 24/7 no matter what happens!

That is all for me. Good day to ya bestie!

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