Patch Notes v0.02

[Closed] Patch Notes v0.02  


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27/09/2019 12:58 pm  


  • Server global region issue
  • Friend chat archive bug when re-logging
  • Mouse had to be moved in-between interactions (click-to-move specifically)
  • Hero name input on creation wasn’t alphanumeric
  • Proem Village shore line tiles showing incorrectly
  • Sprites flickering and showing seams
    • This was due to “VSync” being disabled by default. The setting has been reset and enabled by default
  • Offhand utility items visually showing as a Gathering sickle when equipped
  • Audio Master, Music, and SFX enabled/disabled setting not saving
  • HUD friend count not updating properly
  • World Map and Mini Map both scrolling if open at the same time
  • Mini Map zoom flickering the map
  • Crafting/Harvesting session glitches when spamming or perfectly timing hotkeys
  • Selling an item to a shop didn’t refresh your Coins quantity for the shop
  • Selling an item to a shop didn’t consider the item’s quantity
  • Magma Fish were in the Snake Fish crafting group
  • Equipping items on the hotbar caused an endless “hero is busy” loop
    • This was because combat isn’t enabled so the logic “ran into a wall” per say. The hotbar is now disabled and all hero hotbar data has been reset
  • When changing a material’s quality when inside a hub, you were unable to go back to the first quality tier.


  • Mini Map starts completely zoomed out
  • World Map starts completely zoomed out

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