Patch Notes v0.03

[Closed] Patch Notes v0.03  


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27/09/2019 12:59 pm  


  • Selling an item with a full inventory dropped the Coins on the ground
  • Successfully salvaging a Craft Session created hidden stacks of non-stackable items
  • Abandoning a Craft or Harvest Session while casting an ability locked up the hotbar
  • Every move command caused your Hero to stutter-step
  • Movement of Peer Heroes appeared sluggish
  • A Fishing node below Proem Village was out of position
  • Spinning Wheel was layered incorrectly
  • Item Added HUD animation could incorrectly color items


  • Click-to-Move via the Mini Map
  • Resource Node visual effect to indicate quality
  • Attribute tooltip on hover
  • Stat tooltip on hover
  • Harvest Ability tooltip on hover
  • Craft Ability tooltip on hover
  • Header Menu tooltip on hover

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