Pending Patch v0.1

[Closed] Pending Patch v0.1  


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To increase transparency, we will be updating this post for every patch currently under development. 

Please note that this list is subject to constant change until announced as a patch.

Pending Patch v0.1

Bug Fixes

  • Items with stats were not showing the proper tooltip values above base tier.
  • Consumables were not giving the proper buff values above base tier.
  • Unarmed left Move animation was incorrectly positioning the left leg.
  • Hotkey changes were not saving after Patch v0.04.
  • Leg equipment items were not showing properly when not wearing boots.
  • Environment tiles would randomly show seams.

Balance Changes

  • XP rates lowered by ~15%.


  • Added more detail to Grassland tiles.
  • Improved Mountain tiles.
  • Added Mine tiles.
  • Added Cave tiles.
  • Added Dungeon tiles.


  • Improved unarmed Idle and Move animations.
  • Improved horizontal hold (melee weapons and etc) Idle and Move animations.
  • Added vertical hold (magic weapons and etc) Idle and Move animations.


  • Enabled combat for initial testing.
  • Added Skeleton enemy type.


  • Enabled parties for initial testing.
  • Max party size is 4.

Realm (World) Dungeons

  • Enabled -NAME HERE- Realm Dungeon for initial testing.
  • Realm Dungeons require a key to enter.
    • Keys drop from a specific Alpha enemy.
    • Keys can be traded.
    • Keys are consumed when used.
    • Keys grant access to entire party, if used while in a party.
    • Each key grants access for 60 minutes and is shown as a buff above your hotbar.
  • Realm Dungeons can be accessed by multiple parties at the same time.
  • Realm Dungeon Bosses can only be encountered by one (1) party at a time.
    • Active Boss encounters can be spectated via an interaction near the entrance.


  • Enabled quests for initial testing.


  • Physical Damage is now Force.
  • Magic Damage is now Power.
  • Regen Rating is now HPS (Health Per Second).
  • Recharge Rating is now MPS (Mana Per Second).
  • Move Rating is now Move Speed.
  • Attack Rating is now Attack Speed.
  • Critical Rating is now Critical Chance.
  • Cooldown Rating is now CDR (Cooldown Reduction).
  • Removed Potency.
  • Added Tenacity (lowers the duration of negative effects).


  • Pies, Cakes, and Potions now stack to 9.
  • Raw resources have been reworked to increase the value of lower tier items.
  • Processed materials have been reworked to increase the value of lower tier items.
  • Harvesting by-products (Stone, Salt, and etc) no longer stack.
  • Improved Cloth Armor visuals.
  • Improved Leather Armor visuals.
  • Added Bone Armor.
  • Added Wood Armor.
  • Daggers are now made from bones, instead of metal, and have new visuals.
  • Wood Bow is now Longbow.
  • Metal Bow is now Shortbow.
  • Wood Staff is now Staff and has new visuals.
  • Metal Staff is now Trident and has new visuals.
  • Bone Staff is now Scythe and has new visuals.
  • Added Mallet.
  • Added Scimitar.
  • Added Recurved Bow.
  • Improved Battle Axe visuals.
  • Improved Spear visuals.
  • Improved Amulet visuals.
  • Added Profession Berets.
  • Added Faction Cloaks.
  • Added Profession Cloak.
  • Added Mana Trinkets.
  • Added Health Trinkets.
  • Added Clothes.
    • Added Short Shirt.
    • Added Long Shirt.
    • Added Pants.
    • Added Shorts.
    • Added Sandals.
    • Added Shoes.
  • Added Profession Gloves.
  • Added Event Hats.
    • They will spawn randomly each day during Alpha.
    • One (1) day only after release.
    • Added Boater Hat.
    • Added Bycocket Hat.
    • Added Top Hat.
  • Added Faction Tokens.
  • Mystery Pouches from Fishing are now consumable (item roll).


  • Added Craft material tooltips on hover.
  • Added an icon of a dragon to the Clan Emblem choices.
  • Enabled female hero.


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