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When does DEO enter Alpha, Beta, or Release?

Check out


Will DEO be Free-To-Play?

On release, DEO will be Free-To-Play with an optional "Premium" subscription.

  • Premium will cost $7.99 per month.
  • Premium will never include any "Pay-To-Win" benefits.
  • Premium benefits will include, but are not limited to:
    • Additional attributes such as Farming, Necromancy and more.
    • Access to exclusive zones.
    • Access to exclusive items.
    • Access to dyes to custom color your hero's equipment.
    • Access to fast travel to known villages/cities.
    • Access to official PvP tournaments.


Are there classes?

Not exactly. Which weapon type you have equipped dictates which abilities you have access to and weapons may be changed at any time outside of combat. So, you can think of each weapon type as a class.


Does DEO follow the holy trinity of Tank/Healer/DPS?

It is completely up to you. In DEO, you have "attributes" that can be leveled to improve your combat stats. You are free to decide which attributes you focus and how you form your party to defeat an encounter.


What does a "Player-Driven Economy" look like in DEO?

Every item in the game is harvested, crafted or looted by players. Players can then freely trade those items to each other. Vendors are available to get you started with base tier items and establish the base market price.


How do dungeons work?

DEO features Realm (or World) Dungeons that can be accessed by multiple parties at the same time. The "Boss" encounters of those dungeons require a key from a specific "Alpha" enemy. Boss encounters are restricted to one (1) party at a time and may be spectated.


How do quests work?

Every quest in DEO is comparable to "Epic" quests in other titles. With "quality over quantity" in mind, you wont be grinding through pickup X or kill X quests until your eyes bleed. Instead, you must adventure across the realm to find clues and objectives. Some quests may take days, some weeks even, but you will be justly rewarded for your efforts.


What part do factions play in DEO?

Factions are your main source of quests and each faction tells the story of DEO from their perspective. Each faction is located at a unique city and grants access to exclusive items such as cloaks for your hero to show off.


How does World PvP work?

World PvP will be restricted to specific zones that offer greater rewards for a greater risk. Things like high value resource nodes, treasure chests, and rare monster spawns are just a few of the things you can battle it out over.


Does DEO feature full loot PvP?

On PvP death, you will drop your entire inventory and the majority of your equipment. You can decide which of your equipment items you want to protect.


Does DEO have an official Discord?


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