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DEO Question Mega-Thread

This thread will serve as a record for all questions relating to Dragon Eye Online. To prevent assumption or spread of misinformation, I will only list questions that have been personally answered by the developer. Any questions may be directed to the DEO-related Discord channel and/or posted as a topic in the DEO related section of the forums. Please keep in mind that many questions can't or simply won't be answered outside of their designated testing phase.





An MMORPG with an initial goal of $10k!?

Dragon Eye Online has been privately funded through Pre-Alpha and the base game will launch no matter the result of crowdfunding. We simply want to do -more- and, for that, we need your help. We have a lot of exciting ideas for Dragon Eye Online and every dollar raised goes directly into making it better.

(Stretch goal) Merchant skills and activities?

In it's basic form, without a profession tied to it, trading will be like so:
- Traditional direct trading
- Open a stand (visual will be as condensed as possible) and you will be shown in-game and on the trade hub's map (so people can quick view shops via the map)
-- If you log out, leave the city, or etc - your shop closes.
-- A deep progression quest would be available to let you hire an NPC for a tax to take over for you
- WHILE you are logged in only

If it turns into a skill:
- Traditional direct trading at low level - Commerce zones by level (better locations = higher level)
- Transport of goods via caravan or ship (level dependent)
- At a higher level you can hire an NPC for a tax to take over for you
- WHILE you are logged in only
- At an even higher level you can open up a full shop (not a building, but a full display shop)
- And more stuff (not a fully developed idea - which is why it is a stretch goal)

How will backer packs work after Kickstarter?

So, here is how the backer packs are going to work:
-After Kickstarter, lifetime premium goes away. All packs will have a set amount of premium months.
-After Alpha 3 (very rough estimate of July 2019), all backer packs will go away.
-If you back on Kickstarter then later want to upgrade, you can do so and all early bird prices will be treated as if you paid the entire amount.
-Upgrading after Kickstarter will take place here on our website


Content Path

What platforms will Dragon Eye Online be available on?

Alpha will start out on Steam (PC/Mac) and we will port to mobile (Android/iOS) and console (Switch/Xbox One) as quickly as we can. There is a stretch goal available to expedite the porting process.

Are game accounts singular for all platforms?

Yes, accounts are universal for every platform you play on - letting you stay in the action no matter where you are at!

Premium time perks are strong - how is that not Pay-To-Win!?

Everything in the Premium time subscription is about quality of life. Yes, you will get content first, but new content doesn't replace the old - it adds to it. Furthermore, paying players -should- have a better experience because they make the game possible.

Will there be a microtransaction shop?

No, Dragon Eye Online will be completely funded by its Premium time subscription. We believe that every MMORPG should have a clear cost that is standard for everyone.

What are the different Alpha tests?

Each Alpha test will phase in new content for pledges to try out and give feedback on. Each test will persist for a set duration and then we will have a down period for core updates, a progress reset, and then start the next test.

When will Alpha 1 start?

Official release dates will be available soon.

How long will the each Alpha test run?

Each test will run for about a month.

Will progress be reset after each alpha?


Will there be highscores in this game?

Yep, we will include many leaderboards in-game - we will implement them sometime in Alpha.

How will the game counteract hackers/cheaters, will there be a strong anti cheat in place, and in-game mods to monitor the game for abnormal activity?

The game logic is completely built on server authority - I check for abnormal input at every turn and flag accordingly. For things like bots, that will have to be designed in and not something we are quite to just yet. But prior to full release, controls will be in place.

Are they planning on making the maps a little livelier. By that, I'm thinking creating a top layer to add weather effects, such as leaves in the wind, snow, etc. And maybe even add animations to the trees, etc.?

Certainly, but I am focusing on core mechanics first, and then I will do a complete pass for the "life" aspect of the environments. Remember, what you have seen is Pre-Alpha footage.


Skills and Professions

What are the skills/professions?

Professions: Gathering/Logging/Mining/Fishing/Cooking/Crafting/Tailoring/Smithing/Farming

Farming will be coming later on, though.

Will you need to carry tools to gather resources? If so do the tools have tiers?

Yep and yep - they follow the same progression as equipment and have their own equip slot.

Is cooking net positive energy?

Cooks can create food that restores energy, but the process itself still uses energy like all professions. Energy isn't meant to slow you down. Think of food as simply a resource needed for professions. Just like a smith needs their ore or a cook their ingredients. Harvesting professions will burn energy at a much faster rate than, say, a smith or cook. It is our way of adding a twist but also making sure everyone is contributing and participating in the player-driven economy. Picture a miner who goes and grinds for a week straight on one specific ore deposit then dumps it all into the economy without ever taking anything out. Now that section of the market is completely saturated with no consequence. Now picture that same miner having to fund their energy supply for that duration. Where do they get all that food? Is mining one ore type and selling it low even going to fund their food supply? What about all the shiny gear they want? So, our hope is that energy usage will make players consider the market more than they have in past MMORPGs with player-driven economies.

Will food offer other buffs besides energy gain?

The other side of cooking, potions, will.

Ah so cooking isn't just food, but also a little bit of alchemy?

Cooking: Food and Potions
Tailoring: Cloth Armor, Leather Armor and Cosmetics
Smithing: Metal Armor, Metal Weapons and Tools
Crafting: Jewelry, Wood Weapons and Other

Will picking up Food from the ground cost energy?

It is part of the gathering skill, so yes. Also, dont expect to be able to maintain your energy, or even close to it, from gathering random ready-to-eat things. They are just meant as a little treat you can find every now and then. You either wait for energy to regen, prepare food yourself via the Cooking skill, or buy already prepared food from cooks.



What are the combat counters and attributes?

Counters: Health/Mana/Energy
Attributes: Fortitude/Wisdom/Strength/Magic/Agility/Spirit

Any estimate on how many total skills there will be in game? (passive, utility, ultimate and weapon combined)

There is 30 at the moment, but that is just the tip of the iceberg for testing.

What are your current thoughts on PvP Death?

The main concern we have been designing around is not forcing players into PvP when they don't want to be there. So, you will be able to achieve anything in the game (non-PvP) without PvPing. As for the rewards/consequences of what happens when you want to PvP and you PK/die - that is still not 100% -but- you won’t be dropping your equipment.

A question on PvE, what sort of "loot" will the players be rewarded i.e: dungeons, general mobs, world bosses, etc. ?

Generally, loot will be an alternative to professions. It will offer the same table of items that professions do, but through random chance drops. That includes the resources needed to craft.

PvP and looting players?

PvP zones will have higher resource spawn rates, unique enemies, and also loot drops from players. Most of your equipment can be protected, but you will drop ALL of the contents of your inventory when you die. So, you will need protection to haul back a full inventory of resources. The arena will have tiers and so will the PvP zones. I am working on a combat rating formula that factors your attributes and equipment into a role-predicted rating and that rating will be used for the tiers.


UI and Loot Progression

One world or multiple?

The realm will be network "segments" connected together. What this means is your account/hero will be universal and everyone essentially plays together. However, once a segment fills up, another is created and so on. Example: Town A has 500 people but a segment holds 100 - so 5 different segments are created.

How many characters per account?

Up to four at the moment.

Will we have the ability to turn off profanity filters?

Filters will have a toggle...Cussing won't be a ban or mute offense - it will just be filtered out. If it gets reported as hate speech or harassment, that is another story.

What are the looting mechanics within a party? Need/greed? Roll dice? First to pick up?

Roll and Master Looter or Loot Master is what we plan initially.

Will some items be bound or is everything fully tradeable?

Depending on how we work quest items, they may be bound, otherwise fully tradeable.

How are dungeons set up? Are they instanced for personal/party use or shared with anyone else who walks in?

We are going to do a little of both. Some events will be global and PvEvP dungeons will also be global. However, the majority of dungeons will be instanced to your party.

What roles will the factions play from a mechanical standpoint? Are they purely narrative?

Nope, each faction has some unique abilities to unlock through their own quest line. Those are the only abilities where you will have to make a choice. However, the reason I made it so you choose your faction after hero creation is not only so you can pick it later but also change your mind - with a penalty of resetting your reputation.

Is there a timeline for the character? Do they age?

Nope, no aging of characters is planned. 

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Very informative collection. Will be great to link people directly here!

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@Dante How will death work? Are we talking corpse runs? I'm wanting to pledge to the kickstarter but I'm a little concerned about death being trivial. Most MMO experiences are always better when you have respect for the world and death itself. A harsh death mechanic does this.

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Most equipment can be protected when worn. You will, however, lose your entire inventory on death. There will be corpse running but the specifics have not yet been disclosed. Details will likely be ironed out over the course of the alphas, but Des has stated he wants the game to be more PvE oriented with PvP as optional content.

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Quite a lovely read ? very informative 

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Game sounds like it is coming along nicely. This is exactly what I have been looking for.

I cant wait to try out one of the Alpha tests.

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Posted by: @dante

When will Alpha 1 start?

Official release dates will be available soon.

Can this be updated please as release dates can be seen here:

Rated number 1 in Dragon Eye Online.

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Additionally, I have a question:

What weapon types will be in the game?

From what I have seen in videos there are swords, axes and dual daggers for melee weapons as well as a bow and staff. Has there been anything else revealed or spoken about? I'd love to see claws, gloves or shields.

Rated number 1 in Dragon Eye Online.

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This post was created around the time the kickstarter was going on. I will do a complete update after every testing phase and (probably) monthly after release.

Posted by: @bamboozler

Additionally, I have a question:

What weapon types will be in the game?

From what I have seen in videos there are swords, axes and dual daggers for melee weapons as well as a bow and staff. Has there been anything else revealed or spoken about? I'd love to see claws, gloves or shields.

No further weapon types have been revealed at this point.

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