• Iron Staff was crafted from Iron Ore instead of Iron Bars
  • Flour required Cooking level 3 instead of level 1
  • Various items were grouped incorrectly
  • Mini Map move icon was disabling after repeated commands
  • Mini Map move icon pivoted from its center
  • Amulet gemstones were not showing on the Hero’s avatar
  • Crafting Recipe Menu could still lock up when changing qualities
  • Hotkey Options Menu was not scrolling
  • Cooking Recipe dropdown was wrapping text incorrectly


  • Brightened the quality tier colors
  • Improved the Stat labels in the Stat Menu
  • Pestle and Mortar now gives Crafting XP instead of Cooking
  • Salted Fish Cooking recipes now require level 1, instead of level 3
  • Enabled the hotbar and consumable items for initial testing
  • Enabled WASD movement for initial testing