• Satchels were giving items of a different quality than their own.
  • Various Hero visual bugs.
  • Eggs and Fish were incorrectly stacking.
  • Over-sized collider on Umber Tree.
  • HUD interact options not highlighting when hovered.


  • Coins from selling to a vendor now go directly into your bank.
  • The Inn Keeper menu has been visually improved.
  • The Inn Keeper now requires payment.
    • Recovering costs 10 coins.
    • Resting costs 25 coins.
  • Resting at an inn has been reworked.
    • The XP bonus remains 10%.
    • The logout duration minimum requirement is now 1 hour, down from 10 hours.
    • The bonus now persists for a maximum of 1 hour, down from indefinite.
  • Egg Rations now give +2.5% of max Stamina, down from 10%.
    • Egg Rations were never intended to be a long-term solution for Stamina.
  • Cooked Eggs now give a base +45% max Stamina, up from 30%.
  • Cooked Egg recipes now give 5 each session, up from 4.


  • HUD counter for Coins in bank.
  • Hero inspecting to show peer Hero Sheet.
  • Client-side disconnect when AFK for more than 10 minutes.