Release Schedule

Alpha Test 1

Start: August 10th, 2019*
End: September 7th, 2019*

Alpha Test 2

Start: October 5th, 2019*
End: November 16th, 2019*

Alpha Test 3

Start: January 4th, 2020*
End: February 15th, 2020*

Open Beta

Start: Q2 2020*
End: TBD

Full Release

Start: Q4 2020*
End: TBD

*Dates are tentative

Backer Packs for Alpha Access

Backer packs are available directly through our early access page. These packs include the same rewards as seen on Kickstarter, minus Kickstarter exclusives. Pricing and availability are subject to change, so if you want a specific pack, be sure to get it as soon as possible. Once Alpha is completed, these packs will no longer be available for purchase.

Development Stretch Goals

Stretch goals will continue as they were specified in the Kickstarter campaign until the end of our 3 Alpha phases. These stretch goals are tracked via the early access store page.

Game Accounts

Your website account here on the DEO website will also be the account you log into the game with. Every account will soon have their password reset so it can sync with our login server. Please don’t be alarmed when this happens (we will also send an email to the address on your account prior to doing so).

Those that purchased their backer pack through a Kickstarter pledge will have their purchase manually added to their account. A survey from Kickstarter was sent out to process and explain this in further detail.