Welcome to the first of many “State of the Game” posts for Dragon Eye Online (DEO). The intent for this series is to highlight some of the changes we have been working on since the last post (so, since Kickstarter as this is the first of the series) and what to expect in the near future.

Alpha Has Been Delayed

We have been hard at work on DEO and while it has improved quite a bit over the last couple months, it still isn’t at a level we feel is ready for the public. As such, Alpha has been delayed and the post has been updated at https://www.dragoneyeonline.com/alpha-info/.

What We Have Completed

User Interface Visual Improvement

The Energy System Is Now the Food System

The previous energy system felt too “forced” and has been completely removed and replaced with an optional meta food system. What this means is, you are no longer forced to continually consume food to keep harvesting or crafting. Instead, you can consume food to increase your success rate, return quality, experience rate, and more. We believe this retains the value of food, while giving you meaningful choices in what food to use and when to use it.

Crafting Is More Rewarding, Personal

The crafting system has been completely overhauled. The previous system automated the process for you and then used a RNG (Random Number Generator) system to provide you with an outcome. This gave you no meaningful choices once you collected all the required materials. Here’s a look at the new system:

When inputting the “required” materials for the item you want to craft, you will now see additional “optional” material input fields. These will depend on the item but include things such as:

  • Food – enhances a crafting stat for that crafting session.
  • Brand Voucher – custom names the item.
  • Dye – custom colors the accent of equipment.

After inputting all the materials and hitting the “Start” button, you will enter a “Crafting Session” and see three progress bars that include:

  • Craft Progress – progress towards completion of the item.
  • Next Quality – progress towards raising the item’s quality to the next tier.
  • Session Stamina – used when attempting to progress the craft completion or quality. If this hits 0 before the craft completes, the session fails.

Your standard hotbar will be replaced with a crafting specific one with abilities that include but are not limited to:

  • Progress Craft – attempt to add progress towards completion of the craft.
  • Improve Quality – attempt to add progress towards the next quality tier.
  • Raise Efficiency – attempt to enhance the amount of progress given using “Progress Craft”.
  • Increase Luck – attempt to enhance the amount of progress given using “Improve Quality”.
  • Rest – attempt to increase “Session Stamina”.
  • Salvage – aborts the session and attempts to salvage the materials.

Every step of the process is now dictated by your decision. Be sure to let us know what you think!

What We Are Working on Now

Combat Improvements

“Skill shots” are something we really want to center DEO’s combat around, in both PvE and PvP. As such, getting the combat system to mesh well with movement controls and a 2D top down game is taking quite a bit of time. We are confident we can do it, it is just taking a bit more time than expected.

We are also innovating the classic “trinity” (Tank, DPS, and Healer) of MMORPGs. The “tank” will become more of an overall “defender” in that it wont just be a meat shield for the party. You will have to actively intercept abilities, cast out shields and much more. The “healer” will become more a “support” in that, along with healing, they will offer a wide variety of supportive functionality to a party.

Harvesting up to Par with Crafting

Crafting was given some much needed love but harvesting has not been forgotten either. We are working on a harvesting skill system similar to the crafting one that allows you to dictate every step of the harvesting process. Since you will be facing the dangers of the realm while harvesting, this system has a little bit more to consider.

Questing System

We will most likely be working on the questing system all the way through Alpha and into Beta, but we still have some core functionality to complete. Like we did for dungeons, we will likely complete the first string of quests and stop there. That way, we can work together in guiding the system to its release state.

That is all we have for this update. As always, let us know what you think on our forums at https://www.dragoneyeonline.com/forums/.