Welcome to the 3rd post of our “State of the Game” blog series for Dragon Eye Online (DEO). The intent for this series is to highlight some of the changes we have been working on since the last post and what to expect in the near future.

Good News, Bad News

Today we got back the initial feedback from our contracted QA team and a game-breaking bug was found within DEO’s “Interest Management” system. Basically, this system handles which updates go to which players. Obviously, this system is linked to every other system in DEO. So, the bad news, Alpha 1 is pushed another 2 weeks. Keep this as tentative for now until we complete the rework and turn on the green light.

Now, the good news. Most of you waiting for Alpha 1 have been very patient and we want to reward that patience. The “Necromancy Abilities” stretch goal has been set complete and added to our production pipeline. The counter has also been set to that stretch goal’s requirement ($15k). Thank you for your patience!

A Little Tease

Most of the development work on DEO since our last update has been wrapping up systems in preparation for Alpha 1, but we wanted to give everyone a little teaser on the art’s progress:


That is all we have for this brief update. As always, let us know what you think on our forums at https://www.dragoneyeonline.com/forums/.