Welcome to the 4th post of our “State of the Game” blog series for Dragon Eye Online (DEO). The intent for this series is to highlight some of the changes we have been working on since the last post and what to expect in the near future.

Alpha 1 Postponed

The rework of the “Interest Management” system is going well, but will take quite a bit longer than initially estimated. So, we have moved the release date to when we previously estimated Alpha 2. See the release dates post for more info. This delay was exaggerated slightly so if/when something comes up, we wont have to issue another delay. So, outside of Armageddon, there wont be any more delays to Alpha 1. /cheer

Introducing Alpha 0

Put down your torches and pitchforks, Alpha 1 backers. We are going to do a small “Alpha 0” test that will be available to those who have Alpha 1 access. See the release dates post for dates. This will wont include a lot outside of the basic systems and you can expect an experience similar to “Pre-Alpha”. Alpha 0 will be under a simple Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as we dont want this shown to the public.

Alpha Keys Are Generated

Alpha keys have been generated and added to your accounts. You can view them here.

Passwords Have Been Reset

As we gave notice to a while back, everyone’s password have been reset and you will need to go through the reset process here. This was to ensure your password syncs to the game’s database.

Get Ready!


That is all we have for this brief update. As always, let us know what you think on our forums at https://www.dragoneyeonline.com/forums/.