A truly cross-platform MMORPG

Dragon Eye Online (DEO) is in early development. The focus for our team is to develop a MMORPG experience that is driven by the community from the early stages of Alpha, all the way through post launch. This requires a lot of time, effort and energy drinks to accomplish. Thankfully for us, and for the community that has sprung up around the game so far, we are privately funded for the base game. However, we are seeking additional funding through Kickstarter to help us provide more content, stimulate growth of the community, and help expand out our team.

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How can I play the game?

Glad you asked (yeah, I’m aware this is a blog post and I am talking to myself, but I digress)! Our Kickstarter page and homepage here will remain updated with any new features, FAQ’s, developer blog posts and the like. Currently, the only way to obtain access to the earliest stages of the game is to back us on Kickstarter, but the game will be based on a monthly subscription of $7.99 with the ability to lower the price of the subscription by subscribing for larger time periods.

When does the game release?

We are set to open Phase 1 Alpha in late December 2018 for certain Kickstarter tiers and rolling out slowly to lower tiers as time goes on. For more information on the release time-frames for each, check out our Kickstarter page.

What platforms will Dragon Eye Online be available on?

Alpha will start out on Steam (PC/Mac) and we will port to mobile (Android/iOS) and console (Switch/Xbox One) as quickly as we can. There is a stretch goal available to expedite the porting process.

Premium time perks are strong – how is that not Pay-To-Win!?