As we approach the release date for Alpha 0, I wanted to quickly go over what to expect so everyone is on the same page. Alpha 0 can best be described as a “tech demo” or “Pre-Alpha test”. Many features will either be disabled or they are simply just not ready for the live stage. The main reason for Alpha 1’s delay is that our “Interest Management” system has to be rebuilt from the ground up. So, features that rely on it wont be available and many smaller features have been pushed back. Alright, now for the list:

Hero Creation

  • Display name (2-16 alphanumeric characters)
  • Color customization
  • Style customization
  • Female hero disabled

Basic Settings/Options

  • Audio settings
  • Video settings
  • Hotkey management (very raw preview state)

Hero/Realm Select

  • News message
  • Hero listings (with a preview of the hero)
  • Realm listings


  • Header info bar (various info and menu toolbar)
  • “Mini Chat” (preview state)
  • Combat, Harvest, and Craft hotbars (placeholder state)
  • “Mini Map” (preview state)
  • Shows items added to your bag via a simple animation
  • Game-wide feedback alerts

Attributes Menu

  • Level
  • Current XP / Next Level XP

Stats Menu

  • Current / Max

World Map

  • Shows “Points of Interest” (very raw preview state)

Combat Ability Menu

  • Faction-based “Passive” abilities (placeholder)
  • Weapon-based “Weapon” abilities (placeholder)
  • Feat-earned “Ultimate” abilities (placeholder)

Bag Menu

  • 40-slots
  • Internal drag n drop reordering
  • Right-click smart activation (equipping, bank storing, and etc)

Equipment Menu

  • 12-slots for “equippable” items
  • Each slot visually updates part of your hero (excluding jewelry and etc)
  • In-menu preview of your hero
  • “Equip Rating” (placeholder)


  • Hover-based interactions
  • Priority-based for smart controls
  • Left-click to execute highest priority interaction
  • Right-click for full list of options

Item Bank

  • 5 tabs of 70 slots (350 total slots)
  • Dynamic slot icons
  • Stack management disabled

NPC Item Shops

  • Sells various starter items (preview state)
  • Buys select items (preview state)

Item Ground Stacking

  • Stacks of items on the ground that can be picked up
  • Temporary delay for the owner to retrieve, then spawns publicly
  • Spawned when bag overflows
  • Spawned when dropping an item from your bag


  • Provides items on harvest
  • 4-tier Quality chosen randomly on respawn


  • Durability (ends session when reaching 0)
  • Turn-based ability system


  • Crafting interact points (smithy, oven, and etc)
  • Per “Hub” craft recipe listings
  • Full breakdown of the recipe


  • Stamina (fails session when reaching 0)
  • Progress (completes session when reaching 100)
  • 4-tier Quality
  • Turn-based ability system
  • Branding disabled
  • Accenting (trim coloring) disabled

Friends List

  • Request system (player name, email, or hero name lookup options)
  • 50 max friends (preview limit)
  • Per friend chat


  • Listing/Lookup system (very raw preview state)
  • Display name (2-16 alphanumeric characters)
  • 50 max members (preview limit)
  • Emblems (color/icon)
  • Request system (very raw preview state)
  • Rank/Role system with editable permissions, colors, and listing priorities
  • Member chat
  • Officer chat
  • Editor for emblem, ranks, clan bio and message of the day
  • Action log


  • disabled


  • disabled


  • disabled


  • disabled


  • disabled


  • disabled